Digital Media Production Courses

Code Course Credits

DMP 210

Introduction to Digital Feature Production

Offered: Fall Semester

The course emphasizes single-camera production of longer form works. Working in groups, students will learn the basics of pre-production (including writing treatments and scripts, scouting locations), production (camera operation, sound capture, lighting, composition), and post-production (editing, score, special effects).


DMP 215

Introduction to Digital Media Production

Offered: Fall and Spring Semesters

Understanding the principles and elements of video: the camera, lighting, direction, editing, sound. Practice in making a video composition.

Students may not earn credit for both DMP 215 and its former number COM 215 Digital Video Production.


DMP 315

Advanced Digital Feature Production

Offered: Spring Semesters

This course extends the skills introduced in DMP 215 - Introduction to Digital Media Production by allowing students to produce original, in-depth projects. Students will further develop mastery of single-camera production techniques and improve competency in the areas of storytelling, design, sound, and editing.


DMP 320

Writing for Digital Media

Offered: Fall Semesters

This course enables students to learn the fundamentals of screenplay writing in film, television, sketch, animation, and web format. We will also touch upon writing for blogs, podcasts, and news reporting.


DMP 475

Internship in Digital Media Production

Offered: Fall and Spring Semesters

Experience in the practice of media production complementary to the work done in courses.

Must complete the "U.S. Internship Request for Approval" process found under the myPlans tab in myHill to register for this Internship.


DMP 497

Thesis Film Project

Offered: Fall and Spring Semesters

Students will produce their final film projects under the guidance of the course instructor and will screen their completed works for on campus for the Stonehill community.