Louis Liotta, Professor of Chemistry

If you ask Louis Liotta to describe the unique bond between students and faculty at Stonehill, he’ll share a story.

Not long ago, one of Liotta's colleagues noticed an unfamiliar face in a freshman seminar and approached the student after class to ask his name. The pair struck up a conversation. The visitor turned out to be a prospective transfer student who ultimately applied to the College. 

“This student said that in all the time he’d been at his current school, no faculty member had ever asked his name. Then he sat in on one class at Stonehill and was already making connections,” said Liotta. “That’s what sets us apart.”  

For nearly 20 years, Liotta has worked collaboratively with students, some as early as their freshman year, in the organic chemistry lab and in the field as part of Stonehill’s research initiatives. Today he is the chair of the Chemistry Department and proud to be part of a faculty made up of preeminent scholars and researchers. Liotta is equally honored to be part of a community that works together for the common good of students.

“We really need to challenge the students, but then provide all the support necessary to meet those challenges.”

“It’s really about educating the whole person,” says Liotta, who often encourages his science students to consider studying abroad and taking classes in the arts or other courses outside their majors.    

With this kind of support, it is not unusual for students to stop by a professor’s office to talk about anything that is going on in their lives, not just about academics. 

“It’s not just that the faculty are available,” Liotta explains. “We see students as collaborators. We see students as friends.”