Catholic Studies Courses

Code Course Credits

CAT 101

Chapel Choir

Offered: Fall Semester

The Chapel Choir course is open to all students with permission from the Director, regardless of religious practice. The course provides musical leadership for liturgical worship on the Stonehill College campus. The curriculum will develop musicianship, an understanding of the nature of sacred music, and the history and function of sacred music within the liturgical traditions of the Catholic Church.

Course may be taken a maximum of eight times.


CAT 220

Topics in Catholic Studies

Offered: Offered Periodically

An examination that requires an interdisciplinary approach of a current issue or a significant question impacting Catholicism.

Course may be applied to the Catholic Studies program.


CAT 490

Directed Study: Catholic Studies

Offered: Fall and Spring Semesters

An in-depth study of a Catholic Studies question under the direction of a faculty member.