Why do students major in biology?

To prepare for professional schools (e.g., medical, veterinary, law), graduate programs in biosciences (e.g., molecular biology, biochemistry, animal behavior, marine biology), or careers in industry, health and education.

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What high school courses should I take?

At least one year of both college preparatory or honors biology and chemistry is required. Additional courses in the sciences (e.g., physics, earth sciences, anatomy and physiology, and AP biology and AP chemistry) and mathematics ( e.g., algebra II, pre-calculus, or calculus) will help. I took AP Biology in high school.

If you took AP Biology in high school, you will most likely enroll in Biological Principals your first year to ensure you are prepared for our upper-level BIO courses. However, if you score a 4 or 5 on the AP test, you will earn course credit toward your general graduation requirements.

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