2018-2020 Institutional Diversity Action Committee Plan Brief

The Institutional Diversity Action Committee (IDAC) is charged with prioritizing and monitoring the implementation and progress of the recommendations and plans set forth to enhance and demonstrate the College’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, specifically related to ethnically and racially underrepresented groups. The IDAC provides coordinated, consistent and cohesive leadership for the College to assess and achieve institutional diversity goals. By promoting shared vision, responsibility, and accountability, the IDAC will engage faculty, staff, and students in action to create an inclusive community.  

The full plan provides shared language and summarizes the various initiatives under each pillar. Summaries include: campus lead, status (Fall 2018 update), and goals/ markers of success for the 2018-2020 term.

Pillars & Accompanying Initiatives

Pillar I: Senior Leadership & Institutional Governance 

  • Initiative 1: Senior Leadership Team will participate in ongoing professional development to engage in training and discussion on topics of diversity, inclusion, and equity at Stonehill College. 
  • Initiative 2: Senior Leadership Team will work with the Board of Trustees to racially diversify the Board. 
  • Initiative 3: IDAC, in collaboration with the Senior Leadership Team, will develop and deliver communication mechanisms to ensure community members are aware of diversity metrics, IDAC plan, and institutional progress.    

Pillar II: Workplace Inclusion & Learning

  • Initiative 4: Human Resources will work with hiring managers (at all levels) to ensure employee recruitment practices aid in securing a more diverse racial and ethnic applicant pool.  
  • Initiative 5: Beyond recruitment, the College will seek ways to retain faculty and staff of color. 
  • Initiative 6: College employees will have access to, and participate in, professional development opportunities that affirm the College’s Commitment to a Diverse and Inclusive Community. 
  • Initiative 7: Employee review and evaluation processes will be reworked to assess and address commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion as a critical component of responsibility on campus.

Pillar III: Academic & Curricular Excellence

  • Initiative 8: Faculty will review and revise introductory and general education courses so that they engage students in topics of race, privilege, social justice, and multiple cultural perspectives in the various disciplines. 
  • Initiative 9: A group will be formed to address speech on campus. This group will develop clear statements that uphold the College’s strong position that speech that denigrates persons and/or groups will not be tolerated at Stonehill. 

Pillar IV: Student Recruitment, Development & Retention

  • Initiative 10: Short and long-term strategies will be developed to increase recruitment of students of color and international students.
  • Initiative 11: Short and long-term strategies will be developed to assess the historical retention of students of color and international students to develop a multi-year retention plan.
  • Initiative 12: Student leaders will engage in diversity and inclusion education as part of their required training. 
  • Initiative 13: All students will engage in diversity and inclusion education as part of their orientation to Stonehill College.
  • Initiative 14: Alumni Affairs will increase the racial and ethnic diversity of the Alumni Council, and its committees, by engaging more alumni of color.