How will I choose my first-semester courses?

This Guide provides an introduction to the Stonehill curriculum as well as samples of first-semester course schedules for each major.  In addition to the resources contained in this Guide, students will meet with academic advisors during June 21- July 2. 

Before meeting one-on-one with your academic advisor, you should review the following portions of this book that will help you complete the Course Selection Worksheet

  1. Majors and Minors Available at Stonehill

  2. The Cornerstone Program of General Education Cornerstone Program

    This outline provides the context, philosophy, and timeline for completing Stonehill’s four-year liberal arts curriculum.

  3. Academic Placement & Readiness Assessments

    Placement into some courses (Writing, Languages, Calculus) is contingent upon your completion of an assessment before meeting one-on-one with an academic advisor to plan your fall semester course schedule.

  4. Guidance and Tips for Choosing Your First-Semester Courses
    These tips are intended to help guide you in interpreting this Course Selection Guide and prepare you for choosing your course preferences for the fall semester. This section will also help you make connections between the requirements of the Cornerstone Program and your intended major.

  5. External College Credit

    Many new students have earned credit for Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), and other college-level courses taken during high school. Details found in this section will help you anticipate any credits that may be transferrable to Stonehill and how to complete that process.

  6. Recommended First-Semester Student Schedules

    Each major and program has outlined a sample course schedule for first-year students. These schedules are accompanied by guidance that helps explain major requirements and set priorities for course selection.

  7. Course Offerings for First-Year Students

    This section contains a list of courses that are available to new students this fall semester. Full descriptions, as well as an indication of what requirements these courses may satisfy, are provided. These details will assist you as you complete the Course Selection Worksheet.

  8. Course Selection Worksheet (PDF)

    Prior to meeting with your academic advisor, you should do your best to complete the Course Selection Worksheet.  Use this Guide to help you complete the worksheet. Remember, an academic advisor will meet with you during June 21–July 2nd to confirm your choices and to answer any questions you may have.