Welcome to your Class of 2025 Summer Orientation! Throughout the course of the summer, you will be provided with several opportunities to connect to Stonehill through an in-person orientation, presentations, and social opportunities! Please use this website as the home base for all of your Orientation information. Here you will find information on our in-person June Orientation, various virtual sessions for you and your family, who to contact if you have a question, and a bit about the amazing Orientation Leaders who are here to guide you through this process!

  • On-Campus Orientation

    We are very excited to welcome the Class of 2025 to Stonehill College with a one day, on-campus Orientation experience! During the week of June 20, we will host four identical, one-day On-Campus Orientation sessions for the Class of 2025.

  • Virtual Orientation Sessions

    Virtual Orientation Sessions will cover important topics to help prepare you for your first year at Stonehill, and we encourage your active participation throughout the summer. Join us to learn more about academics, resources available to you on campus, and what it means to be part of the Stonehill community.

  • Registration & Advising Prep Sessions

    Virtual Registration & Advising Preparation Sessions will introduce you to the College’s Cornerstone Program, as well as entrance assessments and advising meetings and their relevance to the creation of your fall course schedule.

New-Student Checklist

Please review our New-Student Checklist and complete tasks as soon as you can to ensure a smooth transition to college and a fulfilling first-semester experience.

Meet Your Orientation Leaders

Orientation Leaders (OL) are Stonehill students with a passion to welcome in the Class of 2025! They have participated in more than 40 hours of training to assist in your transition from high school to college. Each first year student will be placed in two Orientation groups this summer: one that you will meet in June and be part of through December and a different group for your in-person June experience. OLs will act as your guides during various presentations and facilitate virtual and in-person group meetings to help you become more familiar and comfortable with Stonehill resources and services. They'll also provide you with valuable information based upon their own experiences as Stonehill students.

  • Checklist & Deadlines

    Please review your New-Student Checklist and complete tasks as soon as you can to ensure that your first semester experience is as fulfilling as possible.

  • Campus Resources

    Throughout your time at Stonehill, there are a number of different offices, services and departments on campus available to help you make the transition to college.

  • Get Involved

    It won't be long until you're here on campus. Start exploring the various clubs, organizations and ways to get involved.

Contact us with questions about Orientation.

Roche Dining Commons – 103

The Office of Student Engagement provides opportunities that will empower students to create a fun and positive campus community. The office enjoys a strong working and advising relationship with the Student Government Association, class committees and many of the student clubs and organizations.