Academic Placement Exams


Stonehill has three types of  placement exams for incoming students that you may need to take before you come to Orientation in June. All three tests are easily accessible from myHill, the Stonehill College Portal, by browsing to

For step-by-step instructions to access the exams, please see the directions below. The tests will be available beginning May 8.

All placement exams are due on June 2.

Foreign Languages

Students who have taken German, French, Italian or Spanish in high school must take a Foreign Language Exam in each of the languages they studied—even if you plan to study a different language at Stonehill. Click on the language(s) you studied, type in your test password (skyhawks1) if requested, enter your name and Stonehill ID number, and start answering your questions. Try your best but do not guess unless you have some idea of the correct answer. When you are done with the exam, you may get an approximate placement score. Your final language placement level will be determined by considering the grades you earned in the high school language course(s), the number of years you studied the language and your score on the placement exam.


Calculus Placement Assessment

Students who plan to take a calculus course (i.e., computer science, economics, mathematics and science majors) must take the Calculus Placement Assessment to assist in placing you in the appropriate mathematics course.

Chemistry Math Skills Assessment

Students who plan to take General Chemistry I at Stonehill (i.e., astronomy, biochemistry, biology, chemistry, earth and planetary science, engineering, environmental sciences, health science, neuroscience, physics and undeclared science majors) must take the Chemistry Math Skills Assessment in order to determine if you would benefit from additional support in chemistry-applied math.

Business Administration Math Skills Assessment

Students who plan to declare any business administration major [i.e., accounting, finance, international business, management (general or management information systems), marketing and undeclared business], must take the Business Administration Math Skills Assessment in order to determine which math course you should take as part of your business major.



Go to the Writing Placement link and follow the directions carefully to complete your sample essay and writing assessment survey. We will use the results to guide you to the appropriate First-Year Writing Seminar Level. All placement levels fulfill the First-Year Seminar Requirement at Stonehill.

How to Access New Student Placement Exams

To take your placement exams, you must log in to MYHILL by browsing to Please note that you must USE INTERNET EXPLORER OR FIREFOX BROWSERS (Chrome, Safari and MS Edge are not fully supported). Use your Stonehill username and password to log in. This information was emailed to your personal email address in early May. If you cannot find your username and password, contact the IT Service Desk at 508-565-4357 or

  1.  Go to the myHill login page.
  2. Access eLearn (Click on the eLearn link found in the "Placement Exams" section of the Orientation tab. A new login screen will open).
  3. From the My Institution tab on the My Courses module, you will see a link to the "Stonehill College Placement 2019" course. Click the link to open and then follow the instructions for each placement exam. For some exams, you will need your student ID number, which is found in the Summer Orientation welcome letter.

For the Academic Placement Exams flyer that was included in your Summer Orientation packet. The flyer has screenshots of the various login steps to access the placement exams.