2017 Summer Internships

Please note: summer internships are only open to current Stonehill students who complete the online internship application process.

Registration for Summer Internships

Students interested in completing a summer internship must seek approval from the appropriate Department Internship Moderator or Department Chairperson and submit the online U.S. Internship Request for Approval Form which can be found under the myPlans tab in myHill.

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About Summer Internships

Academic internships provide valuable educational experiences, as they facilitate student learning outside of the classroom.  Qualified students may be approved by a faculty moderator to work in public and/or private organizations where they are able to gain first-hand knowledge in a specific field. 

Students may participate in internships for credit or no credit during the summer.  

Students participating in summer or summer/fall split internships for credit may earn a maximum of three (3) credits based on the minimum hours required below.

Summer Internship Credit Structure

Credits Requirements Note
3 credits 8 hours/week for a minimum of 112 hours (14 week average) All internships (excluding business administration internships)
3 credits 12 hours/week for a minimum of 168 hours (14 week average) Business administration internships

Academic departments are not required to offer summer internships, but those that do offer summer internships will allow students to complete a 3-credit internship during the summer in one of two ways, but may limit which option is available to students. 

Full Summer Internships

Students may complete both the “on-site work” and the “academic” components of an internship during the summer.

  • Students must complete all required hours and academic requirements between June 5 and August 11.
  • Students will be graded and earn the three academic credits at the end of the Summer session.
  • A student interested in participating in a Full-Summer Internship must complete the online U.S. Internship Request for Approval Form which can be found in myHill > myPlans  by no later than Monday, June 5.
  • Tuition for a Full Summer Internship is $1377.00 and is also due by Monday, June 5.

Summer/Fall Split Internships

Students may divide the “on-site work” and the “academic” components of an internship between the summer and the fall semester under the following conditions:

  • The on-site internship hours will be completed during the summer (between June 5 and August 11) and the remaining required academic work will be completed in the fall semester under the supervision of the faculty moderator. The bulk of the academic work should be completed during the fall semester, but a portion of the academic work may be required to be completed concurrently with the internship (i.e. weekly journals and supervisor evaluations). 
  • At the end of the advertised summer session, the summer portion of the internship will be graded with an “I” Incomplete. Faculty moderators will issue a final letter grade and the credit will be assigned at the end of the fall semester. At that point, the summer “I” Incomplete grade will be converted to a Satisfactory (S) or Unsatisfactory (U) grade depending upon the final letter grade.
  • Students going abroad or participating in a domestic internship program (e.g. Los Angeles, New York, Washington D.C., etc.) during the fall semester are NOT eligible to participate in the Summer/Fall split option.
  • A student interested in participating in a Summer/Fall Summer Internship must complete the online U.S. Internship Request for Approval Form which can be found in myHill > myPlans  by no later than Monday, June 5.
  • The cost of a Summer/Fall Split Internship will be considered part of the Fall semester tuition.
  • Note: Students who are approved to participate in a Summer/Fall Split Internship will be registered in both the summer and fall semester. The internship will count as one of the student’s fall semester courses.  However, students may apply to have the internship count as a credit overload – provided that they meet the credit overload eligibility and complete and submit a Credit Overload Application to the Registrar's Office. (myHill > myAcademic > Forms and Applications > Credit Overload Application).

Non-Credit Summer Internships

Students may participate in a summer internship for no credit in order to gain experience or for personal enrichment.

  • Students who wish to participate in summer internships for no credit are encouraged to complete the on-line Internship Application process so that the experience can be recorded.
  • Students who wish to live on campus during their summer non-credit internship must fill out the on-line Internship Application in order to apply for housing.
  • Non-credit internships that are submitted through the online U.S. Internship Request for Approval Form process will appear on the student’s Achievement Record but will not appear on the Academic Transcript.