CRM 470-A Capstone Internship in Criminology

Course Details

  • Full Summer | June 5 – August 11
  • 3 Credits | Cost: $1377.00
  • Registration and Payment Deadline: June 5
  • In addition to the internship, this course will also meet in-person at 7:00-8:30 pm on the following dates: May 30, June 6,  June 13, July 11, July 25, August 8

Course Description

The Capstone course for the major, the Internship provides an academic experience in which the third- or fourth-year student (only) contribute to the ongoing organizational process while learning to apply criminology theories to observations of structure, function, and process in a particular correctional, court, or law enforcement agency.

Additional Information

  • Open to junior and senior Criminology majors who complete the online Internship Application Process.
  • Pre-requisites: CRM 201 and at least one other Criminology course. Must not have completed the capstone requirement.
  • This class will run over the entire summer session.
  • Course Instructor

    Katie Currul-Dykeman

    Associate Professor of Criminology

    Kathleen Currul-Dykeman is an expert on courtroom dynamics. A former prosecutor specializing in domestic violence, she has held the position of Suffolk Superior Court assistant district attorney; supervising assistant district attorney for the Dorchester, MA Domestic Violence Court; and assistant district attorney in Worcester, MA.

    Prof. Currul-Dykeman combines her knowledge of criminal law with her research interests. Most recently, she has studied how attitudes held by attorneys and judges affect the outcomes of domestic violence cases.

    The recipient of numerous awards and fellowships, Prof. Currul-Dykeman teaches Criminology, Substantive Criminal Law, Procedural Criminal Law, Mechanics of the Courtroom, and Victims in the Courtroom. She recently developed a new course, Practicum: Victims in the Courtroom, which offers her students the opportunity to serve in victims' advocate roles with the Plymouth County District Court in Brockton, MA.