Summer@Stonehill Pre-College Program Residence Director

Marcie Reisman

Marci Reisman

Residence Director 

What do you love most about Stonehill?
I’m very new to Stonehill (I started working here on July 13th), but thus far, what I’ve come to love most is the students. Being that I started here during the summer, when very few students were around, it was fulfilling to begin seeing so many smiling faces. The student population here is very unique. Everyone has been extremely welcoming and friendly.

What has been your favorite experience working for Residence Life? 
My favorite experience working for Residence Life has been the engagement with students. This interaction occurs naturally through my role as a Residence Director, and it’s a very rewarding component of my job. College can be a transformative and pivotal point for many, and I enjoy playing a part in that.

Who is your favorite author?
Elizabeth Gilbert. She is one of my favorite human beings (who it feels like I know so well, but actually have never met)

What is your favorite movie?
Eat, Pray, Love! Julia Roberts is my favorite actress, so it’s a bonus she’s playing the role of my favorite author.

Where did you go to high school?
I went to Manchester High School in Manchester, CT.