Student Opportunities

We invite you to consider becoming a member of the SUMMIT Team!

Paid analyst positions and internship opportunities exist in multiple areas, including but not limited to:

  • SUMMIT Management Team (a blend of Operations and Management)
  • Marketing
  • Management Consulting
  • Ethical Consulting

Benefits of Employment

  • Challenging and analytical positions that contribute toward your professional development
  • Opportunities to pursue student research projects
  • Work directly with company executives and leading academic scholars


"The SUMMIT is sponsored by the business department to promote management research for students and faculty. I highly recommend a SUMMIT internship to enhance your business education experience at Stonehill."
-- Professor Salvucci, Associate Professor, Chairperson Business Administration

"I am very excited to be involved with such a dynamic institute on campus! Working with a small group of faculty, advisory board members, and fellow students has been a great experience for me. The level of responsibility and exposure provided to me is immeasurable and will serve me well in my future."
-- Caroline Sheldon (SUMMIT student team member)

"Finally, a research center that analyzes ethical business strategies with quantitative rigor! A great step forward to operationalizing ethics in management." 
--Dr. Ernst von Kimakowitz, Board Director of The Humanistic Management Network

"Working with Professor Dierksmeier made me see: Business Ethics - that is not an oxymoron. On the contrary, ethics is what makes business success sustainable!"
--Keri Carvalho, Research Assistant and Team-Leader

Apply Today!

If you are interested in the SUMMIT, please email your resume and cover letter to Professor Glibkowski and an interview can be scheduled:

Brian C. Glibkowski
Assistant Professor &
Executive Director, Sustainable Management and Measurement Institute (SUMMIT)

Phone: (508) 565-1415
 Stanger Hall 101B