Customer Relationship Lessons from the Top Golf Instructors in the World: Introduction of the KT-Plex®



This study was conducted utilizing in-depth interviews with 25 highly credentialed golf instructors, 24 of whom were ranked in either the prestigious Golf Digest Top 50 and/or Golf Magazine Top 100 lists. Interviewees represent the best of the best instructors, as there are over 25,000 golf instructors in the United States. The study determines how experts transfer knowledge and, in the process, create highly effective customer relationships. See the news article on Stonehill's website about this research (click here).

The KT-Plex®

Based on the interview results, we developed a theory to explain how the world’s top golf instructors use communication to facilitate client goals. We refer to our theory as the Knowledge Transfer Circumplex (KT-Plex®). Our theory unlocks the relationship between knowledge and communication. Second, our theory defines six modes of communication utilized in customer relationship management (CRM): experiential, general, metaphorical, analogical, technical, and causal. These six modes of communication are organized around a circle (referred to as a circumplex structure).

Whitepapers and Multimedia Reports

KT-Plex® Executive Report (view pdf)
KT-Plex® Technical Report (view pdf)
KT-Plex® Presentation (view 15 minute video)


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