Sustainable Management & Measurement Institute


At the Sustainable Management and Measurement Institute (SUMMIT)at Stonehill College, we believe that measurement benefits management. As business education turns more and more towards the exploration of the challenges of the management of intangibles (e.g., relationships, loyalty, satisfaction), corporate social responsibility, ethics, and the measurement of corporate endeavors in those fields becomes increasingly important. SUMMIT focuses on the measurement of sustainable management for the benefit of its stakeholders: clients, students, and the research community.


  • Examine the contribution of intangibles to sustainable corporate success
  • Analyze causal pathways of business strategies
  • Stimulate the development among researchers, teachers, students, strategic partners, and member organizations that will transform research, teaching, and development at the frontiers of performance management
  • Support the application of scientific approaches toward strategic performance management for strategic partners and member organizations
  • Support and stimulate development of Stonehill College as a leader in strategic performance management and encourage collaboration among academia, corporations, government, and not-for-profits


Through study, research, teaching, and discussion, SUMMIT will advance the integration of sustainable management strategies into business.

"Finally, a research center that analyzes ethical business strategies with quantitative rigor! A great step forward to operationalizing ethics in management." 
Dr. Ernst von Kimakowitz, Board Director of The Humanistic Management Network