Stonehill composts food scraps, both pre and post-consumer, from Roche Dining Commons and the Holy Cross Center cafeteria. Stonehill's dining company, Sodexo, composts all pre-consumer scraps including cooking oil, vegetable scraps, and coffee grounds. Students compost post-consumer items such as fruits, vegetables, and salad scraps. All scraps are retrieved and delivered to the farm where it is used to enrich soil and nurture crops.


What is compostable?


Not Compostable

  • fruits and vegetables (raw or cooked)
  • tea bags
  • coffee grounds and filters
  • bread, cereal, rice, pasta, and other grains
  • eggs and eggshells
  • meat and fat
  • dairy
  • oils
  • liquids
  • recyclable materials (glass, metal, plastic)
  • bleached and/or inked paper products
  • cleaning products/chemcals
  • trash
  • "compostable" plates, cups, and cutlery


Where can I compost?

There are composting bins located in Roche Dining Commons that are available to all students, faculty, and employees. There are also composting bins located in the Holy Cross Center available to those who reside in the building.