Merit Points

  • Each student begins the merit point year on March 1st with 10 merit points and will earn or lose merit points throughout the merit point year which ends on February 28th.  Those points are then redeemed for placement priority in the next Housing Lottery.Merit.
  • Points are earned by contributing to the campus community in a variety of ways including activities, programs, employment, study abroad, and academic honors.
  • The maximum number of points that can be earned is 15. 
  • Students lose merit points if they violate college policy, lose residency, break fire safety guidelines, cause damage, or fail to complete judicial sanctions.
  • Students cannot "make up" merit points. Once a point is lost, it cannot be regained. For example, if a student loses 1 point for a violation, but then gains 5 points for positive activities, the maximum merit point total he or she will have is 14.