Merit Points for Off Campus Work & Internships

Off-Campus Jobs

  • In order to earn a point for an off campus job, you must present 3 consecutive pay stubs from your off campus employer.  Jobs held during break periods do not count.  A maximum of 1 point for working off campus will be granted.  Under the table jobs can also count (ex: babysitting for a professor).  In those cases, you must present a signed letter from your employer detailing the type of work, the period of your employment, your employer’s title and a daytime telephone number where we can reach that person to verify your employment.

Community Service for 20+ Hours

  • All 20 hours must be documented in the form of a letter by the supervisor who oversaw the service.  This letter should be signed and contain a contact name, title, & telephone number where the supervisor can be reached to verify the number of hours (if necessary).  A maximum of 1 point can be granted for service.