Merit Points

Students may propose additional experiences for merit point consideration. To do so, students should submit a written letter along with any accompanying information to the Lottery Committee, care of the Residence Life Office.

Earning Points

Students who demonstrate positive and meaningful participation in the following activities can gain one merit point (up to 5 total):

  • Hall Council participation
  • SGA involvement
  • Involvement in an SGA recognized Club or Organization
  • Athletic participation (varsity level, club sports or intramurals)
    • Varsity Athletes earn 2 points
  • College Committee work
  • 20 hours of Non-Academic Community Service (this includes Residence Hall Partnerships and self-initiated projects)
  • Dean's List for fall/spring semesters
  • SURE Scholar Program
  • Study Abroad Experiences (including foreign and domestic internships in NY, LA & DC)
  • Honors Program
  • Student Employment on Campus & Off-Campus jobs
  • Campus Ministry involvement (Choir, ITS & HOPE)
  • Attendance at 3 merit programs (please note, percentages of points will not be rounded up)

Involvement in recognized Clubs and Organizations, Hall Council, and Student Government must be consistent and active. Attendance at at least 75% of meetings, events, or programs is required.

Losing Merit Points

Students will have points deducted if any of the following negative behaviors occur:

  • Student Discipline - Students will lose one (1) merit point each time they are found responsible for violating College policies.
  • Suspensions from Residency—Any student suspended from residency as the result of disciplinary action will lose one (1) additional merit point.
  • Failure to Complete Assigned Sanctions on Time - Students who fail to complete any of their assigned sanctions on time will lose one (1) merit point for each sanction.
  • High Damage - Any student with a total damage bill (individual, general, zone) higher than $60 per semester will lose one (1) merit point. Students with damage bills higher than $100 per semester will lose two (2) merit points.
  • Fire Safety Violations - Any time a student receives a fine for a fire safety violation, the student will lose one (1)merit point.