Merit-Based Housing

The process by which Stonehill students choose their housing for their sophomore, junior and senior years is based on merit. The selection process incorporates a qualitative reward system for students who positively contribute to our campus community. Created by a group of concerned students, the merit point system has been in continuous use at Stonehill since 1999. The rationale for using a point-based reward system includes:

  • Rewarding those resident students who act as good citizens on our campus by giving them priority over others in the housing selection process;
  • Developing a living environment where individual decisions are made with the consideration of others in one's community;
  • Developing a lottery system where students earn the privilege of living in a residential community environment committed to our mission as an academic institution.

In years past, when selection was simply based on a random lottery number, students had a number of concerns. Many students were concerned when their peers who caused significant damage or had significant policy violations were able to select housing prior to other students who were involved in hall council, worked jobs off campus, or made the Dean's List.

The purpose of the merit-based lottery system is to make the selection process more fair and more rewarding for those students who are positively involved in community life here at Stonehill. It is our hope that students will become more aware of the impact that their behavior and contributions can have on others living in their community.