Housing Selection Process

Housing Selection Timeline

All Selection Times will be between 7:00PM - 11:59PM

All Female Housing
April 3, 2018: All-Female Housing (Benaglia Hall)

Rising Seniors (Class of 2019)
April 4, 2018: Rising Senior Blocking Lottery Night
April 5, 2018: Rising Senior Individual Bedroom Lottery Night

Rising Juniors (Class of 2020)
April 10, 2018: Rising Junior Blocking Lottery Night
April 11, 2018: Rising Junior Individual Bedroom Lottery Night

Rising Sophomores (Class of 2021)
April 3, 2018: Village Housing Lottery Night
April 12, 2018: Rising Sophomore Individual Bedroom Lottery Night

Housing Lottery Process

Step 1: Apply For Housing in MyHousing (Housing Application Guide)

  • Read the Room & Board Contract
  • Answer Housing Selection Questions
    • Female Housing:  Students who identify as female have the opportunity to be placed in Pilgrim Heights - Benaglia Hall which as been designated as an all female building.
    • Blocking:  Students wishing to select a group of rooms together, known as a suite, would go through the "blocking" lottery. 
    • To Be Placed: Students without a roommate who wish to have Residence Life place them with a roommate over the summer should select the “to be placed” option on the housing application. These students will not take part in any of the scheduled lottery nights. These students will instead receive their room assignments by August 1st.
  • Read the Confirmation Page

Step 2: Select Roommate(s) or Suitemates (Roommate Selection Guide)

  • Students must complete the housing application before they can be requested as a roommate.
  • Students must have a roommate in order to participate in housing lottery. The roommate selection process must be complete by April 1, 2018 on MyHousing.
  • Roommate requests must be mutual.  Once a request has been made, the student being requested must either accept or decline the request in MyHousing.  Unmatched groups will be broken up and this may have an impact on your ability to go through the process.
  • Students wishing to go through the blocking lottery process must request all students in their desired group as "roommates"

Advanced Roommate Search (Advanced Roommate Search Guide)

  • Students who wish to find a roommate to go through lottery with may do so on MyHousing by searching for other students who have similar living styles. Instructions on how to use the Advanced Roommate Search for potential matches is available here.  Residence Life will also host a "Find a Roommate" program on TBD.

Blocking Process

Blocking is a process whereby students will select a suite as a group. If you and your friends are interested, check off the appropriate blocking option on the Housing Application. Your group must be able to completely fill a suite in order to select a suite during the lottery. All individuals in the group must select one another as roommates and agree to each others roommate requests in MyHousing.

Blocking Options

  • New Hall (Rising Senior and Junior classes)
  • Colonial Courts (Rising Senior and Junior classes)
  • Commonwealth Courts (Rising Senior and Junior classes)
  • O'Hara & Pilgrim Heights Village Houses (Rising Sophomores Only)
  • All other areas will be selected by individual bedroom only

Due to space availability students are not guaranteed a suite if they have signed up for the blocking process.  During the lottery if there are no spaces available that will fit your group size when it is your turn to select, your group will not be able to select a suite. The Office of Residence Life will contact groups who were unable to select the following day, and those groups will be given the opportunity to reorganize into smaller roommate pairings and will be placed into the next applicable lottery process.

Blocking Priority

Students may make groups of mixed class years.  Groups will be entered into the blocking housing lottery process with the following priority:

  1. All Senior Groups
  2. Senior Mixed Groups (Group must be comprised of 50% or more of rising seniors)
    1. Rising seniors trying to pull up rising sophomores will go after groups of rising seniors trying to pull up rising juniors
  3. All Junior Groups
  4. Junior Mixed Groups (Group must be comprised of 50% or more of rising juniors)
    1. Rising juniors trying to pull down rising seniors will go before rising juniors trying to pull up rising sophomores
  5. All Sophomore Groups
    1. Rising sophomores are only eligible to block in the Village Houses.  Rising sophomores are not eligible to pull down rising juniors

Roommates of Students not returning for the Fall semester; if your chosen roommate later decides not return to residency for the fall semester, the Office of Residence Life will assign a student to the other bed(s) in your room.

Step 3: Housing Lottery

  • Students will receive a housing lottery time in MyHousing which is your assigned time to choose your room on a given selection night. Students are assigned times in one minute intervals; however, once your activation comes you have until the end of the lottery to choose your housing for next year
    • Selection times will be published no later than 2:00PM the day of your selection night
    • Only one student in a roommate group must sign in to select a room