2017 Housing Selection Information

Housing Selection Overview

Housing Selection is the process of applying for and choosing your 2018-2019 academic year housing assignment.  This process includes:

  1. Completing the Housing Application in MyHousing
  2. Selecting roommate(s)/suitemates
  3. Selecting a housing assignment. 

Housing Selection Timeline:

February 1, 2018:        Social Justice Housing Applications available
February 23, 2018:     Housing Accommodation Deadline
March 2, 2018:             Social Justice Housing Application Deadline
February 26, 2018:     Housing Application available on MyHousing
February 26, 2018:     Roommate Request Form available in MyHousing
March 31, 2018:          Housing Application & Roommate Request Deadline
April 3, 2018:               Village House Lottery Night
April 4, 2018:               Rising Senior Blocking Lottery Night
April 5, 2018:               Rising Senior Individual Bedroom Lottery Night
April 10, 2018:            Rising Junior Blocking Lottery Night
April 11, 2018:            Rising Junior Individual Bedroom Lottery Night
April 12, 2018:            Rising Sophomore Individual Bedroom Lottery Night

Class Standing/Class Year:

Housing Selection is conducted in order of class year as determined by your graduation year. It is important that you check your class year in myHill, as that class year will be the one used during the housing lottery.

2019 = Rising Senior
2020 = Rising Junior
2021 = Rising Sophomore

Study Abroad:

Students participating in a College-sponsored study abroad program or a full-time, College-approved, off-campus internship program for the fall semester will not participate in the fall lottery process. These students will need to complete a Spring 2019 housing application which will be available on MyHousing beginning in the fall.

If you go through the Fall 2018 housing lottery and then withdraw from housing, you will lose the space you have selected. Your roommate will be assigned a new roommate. If you apply to go abroad or intern away for the fall or spring semester and later cancel your plans, you will not be guaranteed a room on campus.