Hall Council is an elected governing board for each of the residence areas on campus. The Hall Council meets weekly to discuss issues and concerns of the particular area as well as to plan community events, programs and fundraisers to bring students together within the hall. It is a great way to get involved on campus and meet many other students within your residence area.

Hall Council organizes events that occur in and for their individual residence halls. Different halls across campus are known for hosting different events. Boland Hall holds a program called Tea at Ten, at which donuts, bagels and tea are sold to residents; Pilgrim Heights gives out "Cascino Cash," which can be used at "Cascino Night;" and the Courts are known for their annual carnival, Courtsapalooza! Many other events are planned by the Hall Councils, and occur throughout the year. 

Students are encouraged each Fall to campaign for executive board positions as well as to be involved in any aspect of the hall council. Your leadership, involvement and investment only reinforces the strength of the residence hall community and the commitment to a respectful learning environment. Students interested in being involved in their hall council should contact their AC/RD or RA for more information and watch for election information the first week of the academic year. Hall Council needs YOU!