Part-time Studies

Part-time enrollment consists of enrolling for fewer than 12 credits. Whether you are looking to advance or change your career, earn a degree, or simply gain new knowledge, Stonehill College offers courses for credit that will meet your needs.

Stonehill offers a bachelor's degree in more than thirty majors in the liberal arts, sciences, and business administration.

Part-time students may register for no more than 11 credits in a semester.

Part-Time Non-Degree Seeking Students:

Part-Time non-degree seeking students may take courses for which they have sufficient preparation and background with the approval of the Admission Office in consultation with the Office of Academic Services & Advising.

Non-degree students are subject to the same academic regulations as degree seeking sudents. The academic status and continued enrollment of non-degree students are reviewed at the conclusion of each academic term by the Admission Office.

Part-Time Degree Seeking Students:

Part-time non-degree students who wish to apply for degree status must do so through the Admissions Office. If admitted, a maximum of ten courses taken at Stonehill College as a non-degree student may be applied toward completion of a degree program.

Part-time degree seeking students may select any of the major programs available. Students need to be aware that most courses required for any of the majors will need to be taken during the day. There are a limited number of courses available in the late afternoon and evening. Students should schedule an appointment with an Academic Advisor to discuss their educational plans. Academic Advisors are located in The Office of Academic Services and Advising, Duffy 104 and can be reached at 508-565-1306.


Part-time non-degree seeking students may not reside on campus, and may not compete in intramural, club or varsity sports.

Part-time non-degree seeking students do not have access to Health or Counseling Services, and do not have access to the Sally Blair Ames Sports Complex.

The College reserves the right to limit course enrollment to space availability for part-time non-degree seeking students, if necessary.