2018 Winter Courses - HCA 105-A Healthcare Foundations

Course Description

Examines the parts of the healthcare system in the U.S. and stresses the patient and family as the primary focus of the system. Who are the players in health services? What are the structures of the system and the behaviors of the system participants, and how does our present system prevent meaningful reform?

Course Instructor

Larry Lencz

Larry Lencz

Adjunct Professor of Healthcare Administration

Over the course of 30 years in the health care management industry, I have witnessed and played a part in the transformation of the methods, systems and outcomes of the entire care continuum. My expertise is in optimizing quality, cost control and access to care for facilities and management companies. The need for alliances and networks to extend the range of services for independent facilities has never been more critical. I have designed and built such strategic alliances to the great benefit of all parties.

I have created curricula for teaching a complete understanding of the full breadth of the care continuum, as well as the tactical points of influence and improvement for managers and clinicians. These curricula have many applications across the spectrum of players in the health care industry. I would welcome the opportunity to present to your organization or seminar audience.