2014-2015 Institutional Assessment Committee Membership Roster

Laura Uerling, Director of Planning and Institutional Research, Chair, 508/565-1378, luerling@stonehill.edu

Dr. Craig Almeida, Dean of Academic Achievement, 508/565-1201,calmeida@stonehill.edu

Ivette R. Argueta-Medina, Marketing Manager, 508/565-1877,iarguetamedina@stonehill.edu

Kenneth J. Branco, Professor of Sociology, 508/565-1291, kbranco@stonehill.edu

Christina Burney, Associate Director, Career Services, 508/565-1211, cburney@stonehill.edu

Pam Coyle, Planning and IR Analyst, 508-565-1034,pcoyle@stonehill.edu

Lisa Conroy, Assistant Director of Human Resources, 508/565-1336, lconroy@stonehill.edu

Meghan M. DeCarvalho, Staff Social Worker/Alcohol & Other Drug Coordinator, 508-565-1331, mdecarvalho@stonehill.edu

David R. Doherty, Director of Enterprise Application Services, 508-565-1231, ddoherty@stonehill.edu

Lucia Darling, Budget Manager, 508/565-1953, ldarling@stonehill.edu

Linda Dillon, Director of Academic Assessment, 508/565-1475,ldillon@stonehill.edu

Jessica Greene, Health and Wellness Educator, 508/565-1544,jgreene@stonehill.edu

Jean R. Hamler, Associate Director of Planning and Institutional Research, 508/565-1344, jhamler@stonehill.edu

Brian Oles, Research Analyst, Student Financial Services, 508/565-1914, boles@stonehill.edu

Anne Sant, Director of Alumni Affairs, 508/565-1343,asant@stonehill.edu

Jamey Reddicks, Manager of Admissions & Enrollment Information Systems, 508/565-1172, jreddicks@stonehill.edu