Strengthening Community

Successful plans require the careful use of resources.

Indeed, a substantial amount of financial resources is needed if Stonehill is to achieve the ambitious agenda that is articulated in the Strategic Plan. But in terms of a successful implementation of the plan, as important as financial resources are, Stonehill's human resources are critical.

It takes people to build character, to embrace diversity, to engage students in distinctive programs, to raise expectations for student achievement, and to work alongside students as they journey toward great outcomes. Above & Beyond recognizes this reality.

Among other initiatives, Stonehill will:

  • Conduct a formal assessment of the College's organizational structure, internal communications, and employee voice in decision-making.
  • Define market competitive compensation and communicate compensation goals, and progress toward them, to the Stonehill community.
  • Increase employee engagement in professional development opportunities and make professional development an integral part of performance management plans for administrators and staff; review the faculty development program to ensure that it remains competitive.
  • Identify and monitor key performance indicators of employee satisfaction.
  • Aspire to become recognized as a 'great place to work' by exploring models such as the one created by the Great Place to Work Institute and developing a model for Stonehill.