Enhancing Diversity

Above and Beyond brings Stonehill's efforts to enhance diversity to another level. While much of the College's efforts will continue to focus on the diversity of the student body, Stonehill will be more intentional in other areas, such as enhancing the diversity among our faculty, staff, the curriculum, and Stonehill's celebrations.

In its vision statement, Stonehill's Office of Intercultural Affairs expresses this more comprehensive approach best: "Our vision is to promote a living, learning and working environment in which our individual differences are celebrated, respected, and embraced as an essential part of our Stonehill community."

Among other initiatives, Stonehill will:

  • Provide expanded opportunities and spaces for the Stonehill Community to further develop and deepen its understanding of diversity.
  • Develop proactive approaches to hiring and retaining employees from ethnically diverse backgrounds.
  • Identify and partner with established organizations whose mission is to increase the number of students of color and international students in colleges.
  • Address the existing disparity between retention and graduation rates for students of color and those of the general population of students at Stonehill.
  • Link the curriculum with the development of student intercultural and international competency by expanding diversity-related courses, creating diversity-related academic programs, and increasing study abroad opportunities in developing countries.
  • Bring attention to disability accommodation needs and disability awareness education initiatives with the goal of being not just compliant but also convenient and inclusive for community members and visitors.