Creating Advantage

Strategy involves being different, a fact that is embedded in Above & Beyond's Creating Advantage strategy.

During the planning process, each academic department created a strategic plan which, among other things, calls for academic departments to discover new areas of distinctiveness, culminating in programs that will help distinguish Stonehill from other colleges.

Of course, the ultimate objective of strategy is to create competitive advantage. And while Above and Beyond seeks competitive advantage for Stonehill, it seeks the same for our students. Through a distinctive and engaging experience, Stonehill will focus on giving students a competitive advantage for the best jobs, graduate school placements, post-graduate fellowships and other post-baccalaureate opportunities.

Among other initiatives, Stonehill will:

  • Encourage and support academic departments and programs as they implement their individual departmental strategic plans.
  • Strengthen the advising process in order to ensure that all students are aided in effective academic planning.
  • Identify academically-gifted students and foster their applying for and being awarded post-graduate scholarships and fellowships.
  • Provide enhanced graduate/professional school advisement, career planning, and year-of-service planning.