Building Character

In order to invite students into Stonehill's unique community of 'scholarship and faith', to deepen their engagement with Catholic intellectual traditions, to expose them to a diversity of religion and culture, and to promote the development of their moral compass,Above & Beyond focuses Stonehill on building character in our students and on strengthening the character of the institution itself.

Thus, Stonehill will create intentional expressions of its unique Catholic and Holy Cross identity throughout campus, from the curriculum and co-curriculum to the choices and decisions that are made as the College manages day-to-day operations.

Among other initiatives, Stonehill will:

  • Engage students with the Catholic theological tradition in the curriculum.
  • Provide opportunities for the Stonehill Community to further develop and deepen their understanding and appreciation of the Catholic faith and intellectual tradition.
  • Provide and support more expansive programming for a diversity of faith traditions and provide programs and services to support our students from non-Catholic faith traditions in their spiritual growth.
  • Expand and highlight opportunities for character and moral development as integral parts of the Stonehill education of the whole person.
  • Articulate, and live, what it means to be a Catholic college in the Holy Cross tradition.