Six Key Questions for Long Range Planning

As the Stonehill community continues to discuss the long-range plan, six key questions guide those conversations:

Articulating and living out Stonehill's Catholic identity

How does Stonehill College currently articulate and live out its Catholic identity as an institution of higher education founded and sponsored by the Congregation of Holy Cross, and how might this be enhanced over the next ten years?

The impact of tomorrow's students

How will the student that Stonehill enrolls over the next ten years impact the College's curricular and co-curricular programs, diversity, Stonehill's financial position, etc.?

The value of a Stonehill education

What does it mean to be a Catholic, residential, baccalaureate college with a curriculum of liberal arts and sciences and pre-professional programs in the current, rapidly changing environment? What will cause Stonehill to stand out in the minds of prospective students, and how can we best communicate and demonstrate the value of a Stonehill degree?

Student outcomes today and tomorrow

As we strive to provide a transformative experience for students, what outcomes (learning, graduate and post-graduate) do we seek for our students today and how will this change over the next ten years?

Organizational development at Stonehill 

What areas does Stonehill need to develop from an organizational standpoint (communication, leadership, collaboration, innovation, etc.) to position itself for the next ten years?

Resource growth through 2025

Broadly speaking, what can we expect in the way of resource growth over the next ten years, and where will those resources come from?