Planning Research and Resources

As Stonehill develops a plan for 2025, it will need a sound understanding of both the rapidly changing external environment and the College's standing relative to competitor institutions. The College will also require an honest assessment of its own strengths and challenges, as well as how its current long-range and strategic plans are guiding decision-making today. To begin exploring these areas, please click on the links below.

Please note that the information below has been moved to myHill under the Planning tab. 

The External Perspective 

  • Environmental Scan
  • Searching for a Sustainable Model - The Future of Liberal Arts Colleges
  • Competitor Institutions Analysis
    Overview of Comparative Data

The Internal Perspective

  • Situational Analysis Survey Executive Summary
    Situational Analysis Results by survey statements
    Situational Analysis Results by employee category
  • Highlights of Selected Student Surveys
  • Great Colleges To Work For Survey Results
  • Communications Audit Results - Coming soon!
  • Summary of Spring 2012 College-Wide Planning Discussions

Current Plans and Other Documents

  • Academic Vision Statement
  • Above and Beyond: The Plan for Stonehill College 2011-2015
  • Enrollment Management & Marketing Strategic Plan
  • Attaining the Summit: A Plan for Stonhill College in 2015

Past Plans & Other Documents

  • Stonehill's Five-Year Strategic Plan 2001-2005
  • Beginning The Ascent - A Plan for Stonehill 2006-2010