Light and Hope for Tomorrow - A Plan for 2025

Stonehill is in the midst of a long-range planning effort that will chart a course for Stonehill out to the year 2025. The Planning Committee is leading the development of Stonehill's long-range plan under the direction of the Board of Trustees and the President. What follows is additional information about the planning process.

Planning timeline: The planning process began in the spring of 2012 and will culminate in 2013 with the development of a ten-year, long-range plan. This page contains more information about the planning timeline.

Six long-range planning questions: Much of the planning process will focus on the six long-range planning questions that were presented to the Stonehill Community at the college-wide reception in October of 2012.

Planning research and resources: As Stonehill develops a plan for 2025, it will need a sound understanding of both the rapidly changing external environment and the College's standing relative to competitor institutions. The College will also require an honest assessment of its own strengths and challenges, as well as how its current long-range and strategic plans are guiding decision-making today.

Planning updates: The Planning Committee will work alongside a number of groups that have been formed to tackle each of the long-range planning questions mentioned above. To help ensure a successful planning effort, we will keep the Stonehill Community up to date with how the planning process is going as it unfolds. For updates, please visit the Planning tab on myHill.