Honors Program Selection Process

The Moreau Honors Program generally draws its members from applicants in the top 5% of their high school class who demonstrate strong academic, extracurricular and leadership qualities.  Those students accepted into Stonehill College but not into the Moreau Honors Program will have the opportunity to join the Program during their first year, based on strong academic and extra curricular performance at the College.

Interested students are urged to contact our Admissions Office and schedule a tour of the campus and a meeting with the Honors Program Director well in advance of their decision date.

In consultation with the Program Director, the Admissions Office will consider all students applying for Stonehill College for admission into the Honors Program.  Although no special application is necessary for acceptance into the program, interested students are strongly urged to submit their applications as early as possible.  Each year Stonehill College receives more than 6,800 applications for just over 625 places.  Most successful applicants have prepared for the challenges of Stonehill by taking a strong college preparatory program in high school.