Honors Program Leadership Grants

All students in the Moreau Honors Program are encouraged to apply for Moreau Honors Leadership Grants. Grants are awarded to support student leadership, research, and conference presentations. 

Apply for a Moreau Honors Leadership Grant

Recent Moreau Honors Leadership Grant Recipients:

Brittany Frederick '16

For travel to present at the Humanities Education and Research Association in Washington, DC, on safe spaces in classrooms for students of color and women in higher education.

Emma Craig '15

For travel to Las Vegas to present at the International Academy of Business and Economics.   She will be presenting her summer 2013 SURE research on "Narrative Business".

Michelle Wozniak '15

For travel to Boston and around the state for her Internship in Government.  Michelle will be working with a group who provides consulting services to Democratic candidates who are running for a variety of offices within the Massachusetts government.

Emily Dumont '14 and Margaret Vella '14

For travel to attend the National Conference of Honors Councils in New Orleans.

Past Moreau Honors Leadership Grant Recipients:

Daniel Gardiner '14

To help support his six month service immersion experience in the Coachella Valley of California.  He interned at the Coachella Valley Housing Coalition that helped the low income population of the valley. Daniel also conducted research for his senior thesis regarding farm workers in the United States.

Kelli Brodbeck '14

For travel to New York City to attend the American Sociological Association's annual conference as a member of the association's undergraduate Honors program.  Kelli participated in the Honors roundtable to gain feedback on her Senior Thesis research which examines power, legitimacy, and the construction of a professional identity among campus police.

J. Tracy Denholm '13

The grant was used toward travel to Lamay, Cuzco, and Lima, Peru in June 2011 to start a development project initiative with Stonehill alumni Travis Kumph and Michael Cipoletti in conjunction with their non-profit organization, Friends New England. In Lamay and Cuzco we will work alongside the local communities to recognize, understand, and progressively alleviate their social, health, economic, and educational challenges. Our group will visit culutural sites such as Machu Picchu and Quispiguanca in order to comprehensively understand the historic context in which these problems arose. In Lima we will visit the Congregation of Holy Cross Peyton Center in Canto Grande, Fe y alegria, and Hancana Huasy which are locations the HOPE program sends students each year.

Megan Shave '11

For field equipment for her senior thesis project, "Comparative foraging behavior of two generalist tyrant flycatcher (Tyrannidae) species in Belize".

Jamie Lenz '13

For travel to the National Collegiate Honors Council conference in Kansas City, Missouri.

Julia Crane '13

For travel to the National Collegiate Honors Council conference in Kansas City, Missouri.

Allyson Manchester '11

For travel with Professor Ellen Scheible to the James Joyce archive at the SUNY Buffalo library, part of a larger research project on James Joyce and the Literary Archive.

Michelle Jaques '11

For travel to present "Investigation into Teachers' Understandings of the Nature of Science (NOS) and Development of a NOS Assessment Questionnaire" at the Association for Science Teacher Education Conference.

Harry Livingston '11

For travel to Sardinia, Italy to help a farmer to develop hisagriturismo through an organization called Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF).

Chris Tassone '11

For travel to Sardinia, Italy to help a farmer to develop hisagriturismo through an organization called Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF).

Jasmine Khubchandani '12

For travel to Paris, France to participate in infectious disease research at Institut Pasteur. Jasmine was one of four students selected out of 300 American undergraduate applicants.

Amy Orcutt '11

For travel to Anaheim, CA to attend the 241th American Chemical Society National Meeting and Exposition. Amy presented at a poster session with Professor Maria Curtin. The research being presented was completed as part of the SURE program of the past summer 2010. The title of their poster was "Temperature dependence of27AL NMR spectra of aqueous aluminum solutions."

Holly Boyle '12

To help defray costs for the Medical School Application Preparation EXtreme (APEX) program at the University of South Carolina during the beginning of June. APEX is a five day enrichment program that strives to broaden the knowledge and outlook of pre-medical students.

Caitlin Dunn '11

For travel to the 106th annual American Sociological Association Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. Caitlin will present her research completed with Professor Kenneth Branco during the summer 2009 through the SURE program and an independent study during the following semester. The research titled "Cognitive Impairment, Religiousness and Relationship Conflict among Nursing Home Residents" will be presented at an open refereed round table discussion.

Brad Constant '11 & Christopher Kelly '10

For travel to the American Chemical Conference in Washington, DC to present their paper, "Utilization of the gamma silyl effect for the synthesis of strained hydrocarbon system: A potential route to tetrahedranes?".

Erin Horanzy '11, Casey Kapalko '12 & Tom Lally '11

For travel to the National Collegiate Honors Council conference in Washington, DC, to give a presentation on student generated Honors events.

Caitlin Kelly '10, Rachel Sederberg '13 & Vlada Shelkova '12

For travel to a conference at Loyola University, Chicago for the "National Resolve to Fight Poverty Conference".

Jason Lynch '11

For travel to the archives of the Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, CA, to study "Flannery O'Connor and Discourses of Psychoanalysis".

Evan Tallmadge '10

For laboratory supplies for his project "The Effects of Gene II Shine-Dalgarno Mutations in M13 Phage on the Rate of Propagation".

Matt Rigby '10

For travel to the 24th Annual Meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies, LLC in San Antonio, Texas and presentation of an abstract on his research involving GABA neuronal control of behavior in the GAD67-GFP mouse model.

Brittany Fox '11

For travel to the American Chemical Society National Conference in San Francisco, CA, to present research "Synthesis of di(hydroxymethyl) pyrrolidine diol from D-glucose" conducted under Professor Liotta during SURE 2009.

Patrick Scannell '10

For travel and registration to the Association for Psychological Science Convention in Boston, MA, to present poster entitled "DNA Evidence Influences Juror and Jury Verdicts: No CSI Effect Found".

Christina Wong'10

For conference registration to the 2010 Eastern New England Biological Conference at Bridgewater State College.

Sean Lowry '12

For travel to the Eastern Communication Conference in Baltimore to present his research paper, "The Persuasive Impact of New Technologies on Political Elections".