St. Thomas More Society

Stonehill College's St. Thomas More Society, was founded to serve as a guide for students interested in studying law after graduation as well as to coordinate programs that would bring professionals in the field of law to Stonehill for society members to meet and speak with, annually awards a Distinguished Alumni citation.

Political Science major Michael Hershberg '13 serves as president of the Society.

2013 St. Thomas More Award

Joseph W. Martin Institute for Law & Society

Stonehill College

I. Description of St. Thomas More Award

The Martin Institute sponsors an annual reception for members of the Stonehill legal community. At this reception, the student led St. Thomas More Society presents the ST. THOMAS MORE AWARD to honor a lawyer of outstanding character.

St. Thomas More (1478-1535) is recognized as the Patron Saint of Lawyers. Famous for being, in his words, "the King's servant but God's first," More was executed by the order of King Henry VIII when he, as Lord Chancellor of England, refused to support the King in his break with the Church. Even without martyrdom, this brilliant statesman and witty writer would be remembered in secular society as the author of Utopia (1516). As a youth he wrote poetry; as a statesman and lawyer, he was brilliant, pragmatic, and shrewd; as a father, he favored a well-rounded education for his daughters as well as his sons. He maintained the equality of the sexes in contrast to Henry VIII. He was particularly close to his daughter, Margaret, whom he called Meg. Among other things, he knew that she understood and respected his asceticism; from the Tower of London he wrote to her frankly about his faith.

St. Thomas More loved Greek literature, philosophy, mathematics, music and art. He had a keen sense of humor and provided a joyful home environment, welcoming friends to join his family in songfests and games. He was a true Renaissance man with a profound sense of faith and loyalty to the Church, his family, and his community.

II. Presentation of Award

The award is presented at the Joseph Moakley Court House each spring. Members of the St. Thomas More Society of Stonehill College in consultation with members of the Martin Institute Advisory Board will select the award recipient. Nominations can be made by any member of the Stonehill community: students, alumni, faculty and staff. The award recipient is required to be a graduate of Stonehill College.

III. Criteria for Selection

The following criteria will be considered by the St. Thomas More Society when determining this year's award recipient. Nominees should exemplify the qualities of St. Thomas More in the following ways:

1. The nominee ought to have enhanced appreciation for and have observed high ethical standards in the practice of law;

2. The nominee ought to have encouraged attentiveness among lawyers to legal and societal issues that affect morality, justice, faith, and community;

3. The nominee should have other outstanding qualities and examples of service to the community and/or legal profession.

Recipients of St. Thomas More Distinguished Alumni Citation

  • 2012 Paul Daly
  • 2011 Judge Catherine P. Sabaitis
  • 2010 Senator Paul G. Kirk, Jr.
  • 2009 Joseph Basile, Weil, Gotshal & Manges
  • 2008 Judge Francis McIntyre
  • 2007 Daniel Conley, Suffolk County District Attorney
  • 2006 Paul Finn, Commonwealth Mediation and Conciliation, Inc.
  • 2005 Judge Philip Contant

2013 St. Thomas More Award Nomination Form

Nominations are due on or before January 14, 2013.
Your prompt attention is appreciated so that we may have ample time to consider the information.