Center for Interdisciplinary Studies

The Interdisciplinary Studies program at Stonehill College provides students a unique opportunity to take ownership over their education and design educational programs that are both creative and academically rigorous. Interdisciplinary Studies enables students to pursue their passions and achieve their academic and career goals by creating a space for personal growth, critical thinking and intellectual engagement.

Interdisciplinary Studies is an individualized, student initiated major or minor, drawn from multiple disciplines, for students who seek to accomplish intellectual goals outside of a conventional major or minor.

The Interdisciplinary Studies Major

The student must prepare a program proposal with substantial intellectual content. The program proposal includes a statement describing educational goals sought, and the sequence of courses that would enable the student to achieve these goals.

The course content must be focused upon a specific theme, include courses from two or more disciplines and must include a significant number of courses beyond the introductory level as well as a senior Capstone Experience. The program must reflect the objectives of a liberal arts education.

Download the Interdisciplinary Studies Major Application

The Interdisciplinary Studies Minor

An interdisciplinary studies minor is a structured academic program formed in response to a well-defined question or topic. The minor is flexible and less prescriptive. The IND minor is comprised of 4 or 5 academic units: at least 3 classes and 1 integrative essay, project, or performance. An internship or independent learning experience can also be included in the program.

Download the Interdisciplinary Studies Minor ApplicatioN