Tips for Effective Targeted Announcements

Here are a few tips for making your Targeted Announcements more effective:

The “Subject” line

Since all messages are sent as “Stonehill College Announcement”, it is important to include a short descriptive subject and name of your department.  Some of you are already doing a great job with it, for example:

Campus Police Safety Alert

Flu Shots – Health Services Alert

Biology Poster Sessions

IT Help Desk Alert- System Downtime today

Body of the Message

  • If you create your message using MS Word, use the “Paste from Word” option from the toolbar   to paste your message with the formatting intact. Use the other two options if you want to eliminate the formatting.
  • You can type your message and format using the formatting toolbar if you want.
    • Use various Text Colors, Sizes and Fonts.
    • Remember to choose the color, size or the font before typing OR type your text then highlight to apply different formatting options.
    • Use Bold and Italics but not Underline since they are reserved for links. Anytime your underline a word, the recipient might presume there is a link and might click on it to open it.
  • A message with just text (no images) can be very effective.  We do not have to use images to make messages more effective.  Just the opposite, sometimes they can clutter the message you are trying to deliver.
  • If you would like to use an image, find one on the Internet that is not copyright protected. Simply Right-Click on the image and select Copy, then navigate to the Announcement Message, Right-Click where you would type your message and select Paste. The image will be pasted into your Targeted Announcement.
    • This will only work on an image copied directly from a website. Copy/Pasting from an image on your computer will result in a broken link.