Channel Administrator Guidelines

Content in MyHill should be directed to internal audiences. Ideally, channel content should not duplicate what is on the Stonehill web site.

Whenever possible, use content channels or announcements channels to distribute content to avoid sending mass e-mail messages.

A channel is a tool for content delivery. Each channel has a particular focus. A channel may provide information from Banner, links to Web pages, or links to applications. Channels may contain text-based or image-based information. Channels can contain targeted (role-specific) and non-targeted (broad, general appeal) content. A channel appears as a framed box within a tab.

Create a consistent look and feel

Channel developers must avoid overriding the styles defined for the portal whenever possible.

  • Channel owners are responsible for maintaining timely and accurate content in MyHill.
  • Channels must present a cohesive look and feel.
  • Channel content must be kept fresh and relevant.
  • Channel content must not exceed 25 lines-single spaced.
  • Materials should be carefully checked for proper grammar and spelling.
  • Materials should be updated and maintained in a timely manner.
  • Materials should be developed with proper regard for the generally observed principles of electronic etiquette ("netiquette").
  • When  copying & pasting text…ALWAYS ‘paste as plain text’ by using the “Paste as Plain text option).

Using Images

  • Portal channels should follow the same graphic standards as the College Web Site and undergo the same professional scrutiny and careful preparation that is given to any other official College publication.
  • All images posted must have the proper copyright and publication permissions on file. Recommended image size is width=150, height=100 pixels. Acceptable file formats are .GIF and .JPG.

Creating hyperlinks

When linking to other web pages and .pdf files we recommend using: ‘New Window’ – Choose ‘Insert Hyperlink’, click Target and select New Window.

Creating email links

Choose insert hyperlink and in the URL field delete the ‘http://’ and insert the:

Break up your content by using headers

Be sure to break up your content by using the ‘heading 2’ and ‘heading 3’ styles.

Cleaning Styles

If your styles aren’t displaying correctly, Select All, then click Remove Formatting and reformat the content.