eLearn Best Practices

We have compiled a list of best practices in order to make your eLearn course as effective as possible.  

1. Making Your Course Available.  

By default,  your course is set as "unavailable," which means that it is invisible to student view.  When you are ready, you must manually turn the "available" setting on in your course.  For directions, consult our knowledge base.  

2. Assignments

  • Students should be able to submit their assignment at least twice to allow for mistakes. (See assignment settings).  
  • Add due dates and deadlines so that the assignment appears in the student eLearn calendar.
  • Remind students that  .pdf and .docx are the most compatible document types.   Apple "Pages" is not supported within eLearn.  For a full list of supported types, consult Blackboard Learn.

3. Discussion Boards

Have students subscribe to receive email notifications upon new entries.

 4. Customizing your Course Menu

5. Tests

  • Always take your test in student preview mode so that you can see how students experience the test.
  • If possible, encouage your TA to provide feedback to the accessibility of the test, as well as any potential problems when taking the assessment.

6. Customize Your Profile

  • Have students upload a profile picture.  As a result, their picture will appear next to all submitted assignments, as well as in your user list.
  • Have students create a student profile in order to visually showcase their competencies within eLearn.