Working with Files in OneDrive

Uploading Documents

  1. Locate the file/s you want to upload in windows explorer
  2. Drag the file/s into the OneDrive website in the Drop here box


  1. Click on the Upload icon
  2. Browse and select the file you would like to upload
  3. Click on the Open button

Downloading Documents

  1. On the Documents page:
    1. Click the “. . .” icon next to the file you want to download
    2. In the pop-up window, click “
    3. Click Download a Copy

Uploading Folders

  1. Locate the folder/s you want to upload in windows explorer
  2. Open OneDrive in Internet Explorer (Must use Internet Explorer)
  3. Select the Library Tab
    1. In OneDrive, you may need to click Settings  > Show Ribbon to show the Library 
  4. Click on the Open with Explorer button
  5. Drag and drop the folder/s into the OneDrive windows explorer window