Windows Software Updates

You will be notified when an update is available for your computer via a popup in the lower right-hand corner of your screen. Windows software updates are available the Monday after our monthly systems maintenance window, which is typically the fourth Friday of each month.

  1. Click the “Software changes are required” bubble/icon in your taskbar. 

    SCCM Notification

  2. Select “View Required Software” from the menu.

  3. At the Software Center window, you can choose when the software updates are applied to your computer. Choose from the following options:

    1. Apply all required changes now (recommended)

      1. This option will apply all of the necessary software updates to your machine immediately and prompt for restart when finished. 

    2. Apply all required changes outside my business hours

      1. If you prefer to postpone the updates, this option will apply all of the necessary software updates to your computer outside of the hours you’re at work.

      2. Select the “View my configured business hours” link to view and change the business hours you have configured.

      3. Place a checkmark in the “Restart my computer automatically if needed” box and then select OK.

        SCCM Software Center Window
  4. If the software update requires a restart, the Restart your computer window will display.

    1. It will give you the option to Restart now, which will immediately restart your computer and apply the changes. 

    2. Or you can choose to Snooze and remind me again in radio button and select a time increment in which you’d like the system to remind you about restarting your computer. 

    3. Select an action and then click OK.

      SCCM Restart Window

  5. After the updates have been installed on your computer, whether you chose to install them immediately or outside of business hours, the “Your computer is about to restart” window will appear. It will display a countdown that gives you eight hours to complete whatever you’re working on before your computer restarts automatically.
    SCCM Countdown to Restart
    1. NOTE: There is no way to stop this restart countdown. You will need to save any files you are working on, close out of any applications you are using and allow the computer to restart and apply the software updates. Selecting the Restart button will expedite the process.