Wall Panel (Merkert Tracy)

The following instructions are for the classroom in Merkert Tracy 328 and the conference room in Merkert Tracy 250/251 with the Extron Control System mounted on the wall. The Extron Control System allows you to operate the video projector, select the input for the projector, and control the volume. Projector screen control is also possible from this wall mounted control system.

  1. Press and hold the ON button on the panel for three seconds. The screen will automatically lower.

Wall Panel in Merkert Tracy

NOTE: Projector must be on to hear audio.

Display Desktop or Laptop in Merkert Tracy 328:

  1. Press PC button to connect to the switchbox.
  2. Connect VGA cable to laptop.
  3. Press the proper switchbox button for the LAPTOP, DESKTOP or DOCUMENT CAMERA.
  4. Plug your laptop's power cord into the power socket on the lectern panel.
  5. If you wish to connect to the Internet, plug your Internet cable into the Internet connection plug on the panel.
  6. Turn on your laptop.

Display Laptop in Merkert Tracy 250/251:

  1. Locate the VGA/Audio cable within the drawer in the back of room 250.
  2. Locate the data panel on the floor within the center of either room 250 or 251.
  3. Connect the VGA/Audio cable to your laptop and the corresponding ports within the data panel on the floor.
  4. Connect your laptop power cable to the power port in the floor.
  5. Power on your laptop.
  6. Press and hold the ON button on the wall panel panel for three seconds. The screen will automatically lower and your laptop will display.


If you do not get a picture on both your laptop and the projector screen:

On Windows, hold down the following laptop keys simultaneously:

      • The Fn (Function) key located on the bottom left of the keyboard, and...
      • The corresponding monitor "F" key (i.e. F4, F8, etc.) located across the top of the keyboard. The specific "F" key varies on laptops, therefore look for the "F" key displaying two monitor symbols or labeled "LCD/CRT".

On OS X (Mac), navigate to System Preferences > Displays > Arrangement, and then click in the box next to "Mirror Displays" to place a check mark in the box.

If you do not get a picture from the Document Camera, check to see if the power is on (button is blue) and that the VGA cable is connected.

Display DVD and VCR:

  1. Press VIDEO on wall panel.
  2. Adjust your volume with the VOL+/- buttons on the wall panel.

Shut Down:

  1. Turn off your laptop.
  2. Disconnect the VGA from your laptop.
  3. Press the OFF button for three seconds. Light will flash while the projector cools down.
    NOTE: you will not be able to restart the system until the projector cools down. This will take approximately 2 minutes.
  4. Raise the projector screen by pressing the wall switch up.
  5. Lock the Black Box cabinet before you leave the room.