VPN Client Setup on Macs

Note: Please use Mozilla FireFox on your Mac to access the VPN service.

  1. To install the VPN Client on a computer running Mac OSX, first open a FireFox browser window, and navigate to https://vpn.stonehill.edu
  2. Login using your Stonehill domain username and password, then click Sign In.
  3. Next, click the Start button that appears.
  4. When the Java plug-in popup appears, click Enable.
  5. On the security pop-up below, check off the "Allow all applets" box, then click the Allow button.
  6. You will see the "Network Connect" window pop up.

You have successfully installed the VPN Service on your computer, and are now connected to the Stonehill network securely via VPN! In the future you can easily re-establish a VPN connection, and connect to your departmental fileshare using Windows XP, Windows Vista/7, and OS X.