Adding a member to a Course or Organization

You can add a member to your course or group directly through eLearn.  The role of the user can be a student, teaching assistant, guest, or instructor.  

  1. Select your desired course

  2. Navigate to the "Control Panel"

  3. Expand the  “Users and Groups” tab

  4. Select “Users

  5. From this page, hover over the “Enroll User" tab

  6. Select “Find Users to Enroll

  7. Enter a username or click "Browse" to search for a user from the Stonehill College Directory

  8. Change the Role of the Member to . . .

    Course            Organization
  • Student          Participant

  • Instructor       Leader

  • TA                  Assistant

  • Guest             Guest

     9. Keep Enrollment Availability at “Yes

    10. Click “Submit.”