View Your Class Roster and Student Pictures

View the Roster

The course roster is automatically populated with the names of students who are officially registered for the course. Students who add or drop the course are automatically updated on the roster list.

1. View the roster from the course Home page "Course Roster" nugget by clicking the link.

2. View the roster using the course tab-  Manage > Course Management > Roster link.

Add another member to the course or group (e.g. teaching assistant)

  1. From the Manage tab, under "Course Management", click Roster.

  2. Click Add a User.

  3. Search by last name and click Select next to the appropriate name.

  4. Change User Settings only if upgrading permission level from the default "student" rights.

  5. Save.

Student Pictures

Currently, student pictures are only available to view in conjunction with the eLearn course roster.

  1. Click the Course Roster link located on the course home page or from the Manage tab.

    1. Click Show Pictures.

    2. Use the Print option (next to "Show Pictures") to print the class pictures.