Upload an Image and Paste It into a Targeted Announcement

If you would like to include an image in your Targeted Announcement, you must first follow the steps for mapping the web fileshare to include images and documents in a Targeted Announcement. Once you have access to the Images folder on the web fileshare, you can proceed with the steps below.

Please note that these images will be deleted automatically after 30 days. If the image is no longer in the folder, it will no longer display in email messages. Every user who sends Targeted Announcements will have access to this web fileshare, so please do not delete any files uploaded by other users.

  1. Make certain that the name of your file has no spaces whatsoever. You can accomplish this by not entering a space between words in the file name, or by using underscores between words. Do not use any punctuation in the file name.
    1. NOTE: This is very important. Your link will not work correctly if you have spaces in the file name before uploading it.
    2. You also need to know the file extension for the document you are uploading, as this is part of the filename and will be necessary for creating the hyperlink to view your image in a web browser.
      1. The following image file types are the only ones that will work in Targeted Announcement:
        1. .jpg
        2. .png
        3. .gif
  2. Copy the image file into the “Images” folder on the web fileshare.
    1. Now that the image has been uploaded to the web fileshare, it is ready to be viewed from the web.
  3. The template for the URL path to your uploaded image is as follows:
    1. Add the name of your file after the forward slash at the end of the bolded text above, including the file extension at the end of the filename, to get the URL path to your uploaded image so it can be included in your Targeted Announcement.
    2. For example, if the name of the file you wish to upload is EventPoster.jpg, then the URL path will be:
  4. Enter the URL path to the image you uploaded into your web browser and press the Enter button on your keyboard.
  5. The image you uploaded will display in the web browser.

Pasting an Image into a Targeted Announcement

  1. From the “Message Content” step in the Targeted Announcement workflow, type your message into the “Announcement Message” field.
  2. Once you have the image you uploaded to the web fileshare and it is displaying in another window of your web browser, right-click on the image in the web browser and select “Copy.”
  3. Navigate back to the “Announcement Message,” Right-Click where you would type your message and select “Paste” from the sub-menu that appears. The image will be pasted into your Targeted Announcement.