Unified Messaging Configuration

With the Unified Messaging system, you can configure your settings in the Outlook Web App  (OWA) to send you electronic notifications of voice mail messages you receive to your email and/or mobile phone.
All configurations must be done through the Outlook Web App and not through the Outlook desktop application.

Access Your Mailbox

  1. Login to the Outlook Web App by opening: http://office365.stonehill.edu in a browser.
  2. Sign in using your Stonehill username and password.
  3. For security reasons, do not check "Remember my password."

Voice Mail Preview

Messages contain both the voice mail recording and Voice Mail Preview text that's been created from the voice recording. This feature is turned on by default.
Change your settings for Voice Mail Preview in the Outlook Web App by navigating to Options > Mail.  Click the gear symbol in the upper right corner, click Options on the left.  Expand General, then expand Voicemail, then click Voicemail Preview.

To disable Voice Mail Preview

Uncheck the box next to the text that reads "Include preview text..." in both places depending on how you want your voice mail previews to display. Then click the Save button in the top left-hand corner of the window.

Missed Call Identification

Callers who hang up before leaving a message are identified in an email message sent by the system as a missed call notification.

A number may display as unknown if it is blocked by the caller.
Set up Missed Call Identification in the Outlook Web App  by navigating to Options > See Mail.  Click the gear symbol in the upper right corner.  Click Options.  On the left expand General, then expand Voicemail.  Click on Notifications and place a checkmark in the box next to 'send an email message to my inbox when I miss a phone call.'

SMS Text Notifications

Receive notifications of missed calls and new voice mails on your mobile phone.
Set up SMS Text Notifications in the Outlook Web App  by navigating to Mail.  Click the gear symbol in the upper right corner.  Click Options.  On the left expand General.  Then expand Voicemail.  Click on Notifications, click set-up text messaging.
The "Text Messaging" window will open. Select United States from the Locale drop down menu then select your Mobile operator from the following drop-down menu and click the Next button.
At the following screen, enter your mobile phone number and click the Next button.
The Unified Messaging system will send a text message to your mobile phone with a passcode to be entered at the following screen. Enter the passcode you received and click the Finish button.

Reset Your Voice Mail PIN

If you can't remember your PIN, reset it in the Outlook Web App  by navigating to Mail.  Click the gear symbol in the upper right corner and click Options.  On the following screen, expand the General category in the left-hand column and the Expand the Voicemail category.  Select the Reset Pin heading and click on the Reset My Voicemail Pin.  When the window appears asking "are you sure you want to reset your pin?, click on the Yes button.  An automated email will be sent to you containing your new Pin.  Once you dial into Unified Messaging and enter the auto generated pin, you'll be prompted to create the new pin.