Unified Messaging and Outlook or OWA

There are two options available to play voice mail messages from your computer. You can play the message from Outlook using your computer's built in speakers, or you can use the Play on Phone feature to listen to the voice mail from your phone.

Please follow the steps listed below for accessing your voice mail messages from the Outlook desktop application or from Outlook Web Access (OWA).

Playing Voice Mail in Outlook or OWA

To open a message, click on the subject line.

To play a voice message, click on the Play button in the body of the message.

Playing Voice Mail Using "Play on Phone"

To open a message, click on the subject.

  1. Click on the Play on Phone button in the body of the voice message.
  2. The "Play on Phone" window will appear with your extension listed in the Dial menu.
  3. Click on the Dial button.

Your phone will ring and, upon answering, the voice mail message will play through your receiver.

Deleting Messages

Voice mail messages can only be deleted by phone or though OWA.

Deleting a voice mail message in your email inbox DOES NOT remove it from the voice mail inbox.

When voice mail messages are deleted through OWA, they are placed in a "Deleted Items" folder. The system automatically removes deleted messages in this OWA folder once a week on Saturday except for those messages put into the folder the day before.

When your voice mailbox is nearing capacity , you will receive warnings that you need to delete old messages. When your mailbox is full, you can no longer receive messages.