Unified Messaging Access

You can access your voice mail box from any on campus phone, or from an off campus phone. Please follow the steps listed below, depending on your location, to gain access to the Unified Messaging System.
If this is the first time you're using Unified Messaging, voice prompts will lead you through changing your PIN (which you received in the email welcoming you to Unified Messaging), your name and voice mail greeting. Once complete, you have finished the steps to begin using Microsoft Unified Messaging.
If you can't remember your PIN, reset it in the Outlook Web App by logging in with your full Stonehill email address and password, then navigating to the gear icon in the top, right-hand corner of the screen and select "Options" from the list that appears. On the following screen, expand the "General" category on the in the left-hand column and then expand the "voice mail" category. Select the Reset PIN heading and click on the "Reset my voice mail PIN..." hyperlink, and when a window appears asking "Are you sure you want to reset your PIN?" click on the Yes button. An automated email will be sent to you containing your new PIN. Once you dial into the Unified Messaging service and enter the auto-generated PIN, you'll be prompted to create a new PIN. 

From Your Stonehill Office Phone

  1. Dial 1100
  2. Hear your 4 digit extension (or you will hear your name, if it has been recorded in Personal Options)
  3. Enter your PIN and press #
  4. Or, enter your PIN and press # immediately after the "Welcome" message.

From Another Stonehill Office Phone (Exchange Voice Mail Subscriber)

  1. Dial 1100
  2. After hearing "if this is not your mailbox," press * (star)
  3. Enter your extension number and press #
  4. Enter your PIN and press #

From an External (Off Campus) Phone

  1. Dial 508-565-1100
  2. Enter your extension number and press #
  3. Enter your PIN and press #