Q: How do I determine if the call is from on or off campus?

A. Your phone will ring twice if the call is from off-campus.
B. Your phone will ring once if the call is from on-campus.

Q: How do I call someone on-campus and notify them that the call is urgent?

A. You may dial *1 and the extension of the person you are calling. The phone of the called party will give a 3 burst ring and the call will not go to voicemail.

Q: When I make a call off-campus, is the phone at the distant location seeing my personal extension on Caller-ID?

A. No. The Caller-ID at the distant location will show the call coming from our main number 508-565-1000.

Q: Are there any payphone locations on campus?

A. No. All payphones have been removed. There are telephones throughout campus in public areas that allow calls to on-campus extensions and the local towns around Easton. If a long distance call is necessary, a calling card may be used.

Q: My telephone rings half a ring and goes directly to voicemail. How can I change that?

A. Your phone is on Send All Calls. This feature sends all calls directly to voicemail. To remove this feature, get dialtone and press #3.

Q: When I receive a call from on-campus or off-campus, is Caller-ID available?

A. Caller ID is available on all internal calls and incoming calls from off-campus provided that Caller ID is available from the carrier